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Trademark Packages

Exclusivity for your brand or logo can be vital not only to the success of your brand, but to the livelihood. Too often, we at Synergy see others take what they didn't build or create and make it their own. We do not want that to happen to our clients. We find it necessary to simply register your creativity and protect it with our Registered Trade Mark services.

The package we have is simple. One option, One Payment, One and Done!

Trade Secret Packages

A trade secret is a formula, practice, process, design, instrument, pattern, commercial method, or compilation of information which is not generally known or reasonably ascertainable by others, and by which a business can obtain an economic advantage over competitors or customers. Think of the Coca Cola Recipe or Kentucky Fried Chicken Spices - Do you know the secret to those? No, but you may possess the secret to some other AMAZING recipe, clothing design pattern, or process to do something. This patentable protection is what is known as a Trade Secret. To protecting your prized ideas, practices, and processes, Synergy strategists will help register and protect yourself with a formal, Intellectual Property Process and Development Package.

The package we have is simple. One Option, One Payment, One and Done!

*Synergy Strategists does not claim to provide legal services or claim to be an agent of the USPTO, and is merely an assistant in developing the content for the forms required by the USPTO. Synergy Strategists does not guarantee patent approval in any way.