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Investor Preparation & Acquisition

At Synergy, we believe in pairing the right personalities with the right people. Part of the business development process is finding how who will be your perfect partner to reap profit from your new or existing business venture. There is this old phrase in the corporate universe that your business partner is much like your spouse. You wake up to them daily, go to bed with them nightly, as well as make decisions with them often.

In our Investor Development and Acquisition department, we pride ourselves on pairing the perfect couples with their perfect profit partners! We also ensure that every detail in every comprehensive package is covered and of course well received by any investor. If you need it, we even have several financial analysts on staff waiting to help you with customer service. Synergy Strategists likes to make the business development and redevelopment process super smooth, so why should getting funded be any different?

Each of these plans are customizable to your firms’ needs, and the best part is the financial community will appreciate all your hard work when your ideas come to fruition and keep ‘em in the black.

Executive Summary

Our executive summary packages take the meat and potatoes from your business plan and turn it into an easily readable, savvy piece of financial artwork for your prospective investor. We include important areas such as your cash flow and mission of the company in your executive summary. We can draft the summary from your own work or from ours, either way you'll have a great synopsis of your business right in the hands of the investor.

Executive Summary


*Available on payment plans

Pitch Deck Services

We also offer Investor Pitch Deck services. This services comes with a full color, high gloss brochure/deck with all the appropriate info from your business plan or executive summary. We include a free logo for your company with the pitch deck and if you need we will shop it around to investors for you!

Pitch Deck