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Search Engine Optimization Services

With synergy's expert tech team, SEO is just one of the things we enjoy doing for our customers. When it comes to search engine optimization, it is important to analyze your current position. We analyze your site, link structure, code, navigation and content of the website. After also looking at your competitors, we determine which keywords will be most advantageous for your business. This extensive research requires numerous softwares and targeting. We then optimize your pages including linking and anchor texting. We also optimize the code to suit the needs of your company. Lastly, we make sure that all the right backlinks are pointing to your site. If you want customers to get to you, you must have a clear roadmap of how to get there!

SEO Packages for Enterprise Available in bi-monthly payment plans (2 payments per month)

24-7 Personal Full Time SEO Consultant

$1999   per month

24-7 Full Time Content Writer with Editorial Revisions

$1495   per Month

24-7 Full Time SEO Team (3 People)

$3995   per month

24-7 Full Time Web Designer

$1495   per Month

*No Obligations or Contracts. Can cancel within 30 days notice.