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Copyright Applications and Submissions

Synergy Strategists also offers copyright registration and protection in a multitude of areas. Each of these protected items can range in price. For a free INSTANT quote, please fill out your name, information, and what sort of material you are interested in copyrighting and we will immediately respond within 24 hours with a comprehensive and customizable plan for your copyright protection.

The following are allowed for copyright under federal law:

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"Synergy Strategists does not in any way represent the USPTO or make any claims or express warranties as such. All legal and intellectual property services are outsourced to law firms as needed and all patents, trademarks, logos, drawings, and any other other document required by the USPTO are applied, processed, and orchestrated through or another registered patent agent or company. Synergy Strategists follows in complete compliance with all rules and procedures as required under the USPTO 37 C.F.R 11.5, 11.6 (a), (b), 11.19, and 35 U.S.C 33. Under no circumstances does Synergy Strategists directly advise, prepare, or prosecute any patent application or make representation thereof."
"If you are interested and purchase any patent package, you are consenting that you are aware of the above and agree to not hold synergy Strategists or any of its executives or affiliates liable for any results or office action or otherwise in congruence with your intellectual property outsourced to a third party and are aware that Synergy Strategists is not acting as a registered patent agent or attorney in any way shape or form."

Added On: June 2014
Last Updated On: February 2017