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Business Speaker & Presenter Services

Would you be interested in having a renowned subject matter expert come speak to your crew of great employees? Perhaps, you simply want a small roundtable where you can engage in a thoughtful Q&A and gain some insight into your industry? Big presentations, no problem. Small presentations, no problem. Presentations on a boat? on the beach? on a ski hill? no problem. Synergy Strategists will align you with your perfect match. We almost feel like a dating site. See our speaker and presenter packages below.

General Business Speaker

Industry Business Speaker

Industry Subject Matter Expert (Strong Proven Track Record)

Maybe YOU are the expert and you want to present your AMAZING knowledge at an event?

Send your information and resume here and we will GLADLY put together a public and media relations proposal for you to present your serious stuff out on the business playing field.

Are you ready for your next big meeting? Do you need a presentation prepared with your content? Synergy Strategists can do that for you too! Just choose the number of slides in your presentation and we will custom design a perfect pitch for your next meeting or event. Photos and charts are always included in our presentation services.  

Additional Package