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SYNERGY STRATEGISTS, L.L.C. was founded in an effort to assist entrepreneurs, start-ups, long term existing companies, boutique companies, mom and pop shops, and individuals needing a one -stop shop for all business consulting and development services.

Our mission is to ensure the creativity behind your firm's ideas are developed successfully and innovatively, through proper strategy and execution.

About us

Synergy Strategists is made up of a team of educated and experienced professionals that thrive on helping new businesses come to life as well as re-energizing existing businesses to meet today’s fast paced technological, financial, and communicative environments. Started by a distinguished professor and business subject matter expert, Synergy provides a solution to one of the fundamental problem areas in business. Synergy provides resources, tools, and professionals to take care of ALL business needs, where historically, a firm needed to hire several different people for several different tasks. Synergy fuses the needs of the firm together with solutions for ALL issues that need to be addressed; albeit, marketing, information systems management, human resources, public relations, investor acquisition, intellectual property development, crowd funding, general consulting and more. Become a part of Synergy’s client base and reap the profits of having an all inclusive business experience customized for your very needs.